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iday.The MA700 is now in the detailed design phase, said the state-owned A

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viati▓on Industry Corporation of China (AVIC▓).AVIC XAC Commercial Aircraft (AVIC XACC)▓ is

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  • hat▓ U.S. acade
  • mic medical center
  • physicians will col
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aiming for a maiden flight by the MA700 by 2019 and for the aircraft to

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  • to provide better serv
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  • " Bukowski said.More
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receive the type certificate (TC) from civil avia▓tion authorities by 2021, said A

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VIC.The turboprop regional plane is designed for economic ef▓ficiency

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, high speeds and adaptability i

n ai▓rports and air routes.The MA700 is part of China's plan to d▓evelop two trunk jetliners and two regional▓ aircraft, with the other models being the C▓919 n

arrow-body, CR929 wide-body and ARJ21 regional aircraft.To date,

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d orders from 11 domestic and foreign customers.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code t▓o follow us on WechatGlobal warehouse robotics

mark▓et to hit 5 bln USD by 2023Global warehouse rob

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otics market to hit 5 bl

n USD by 2023Global warehouse robotics market to hit 5 bln USD by 202305-18-2018 14:34 BJ▓TSAN FRANCISCO -- The global warehouse robotics ma▓rket is expected to gro

w by 11.6 percent i▓n the next five years to reach 5.186 billio

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n U.S. dollars by 2023, a market research agency sa▓id

  • ian training enables providers to diagnose and treat m
    • inor problems such as pharyngitis, ▓sin
    • usitis and upper respiratory illnesses with
    • the help of video chat.That can be a lif
    • esaver for patie▓nts facing catastrophic
    • illnesses such as canc
    • er, said Lucci, professor
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  • of breast surg now planning to expand his business this ?/span>
    • ical oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Cent
    • er."Since w▓e specialize in breast cancer and m
    • elanoma ▓treatment, patients may not have
    • acce▓ss to someone with that level of sp
    • ecialization," he said
    • .The most important thing
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  • is to share data f rom different studies, since there is a la
    • rge number of patients with breast cance
    • r, Lucci said."If we could▓ get together and po
    • ol the data, that would be just phenomen
    • al. We could really make advances more quickl
    • y than we did it indepe
    • ndently."But th▓ere are i
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  • nherent proble ms in telemedicine that sh▓ould be addressed,
    • he said."There are difficult logistical p
    • roblems like how to share tissue or bloo▓d acro
    • ss countries and be able to analyze those
    • specimens?" Lucci said. "Those are things th
    • at need to be worked o
    • ut in the future."Another
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Thursday.In a report on worldwide warehouse robotics market opportunities and forecast for upcoming▓ five years, market analysis agency Allied Market Research (AMR) said e-commerce as an industry vertical is expe▓cted to d

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ominate the global warehouse robotics market from 2017 to 2023.W

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arehouse robotics are desi▓gned to perform such functions as pick-placing, pac▓kaging, transportation, packaging, and pelletizing.North Am

, a farmer in Wolon?/h3>

e▓rica dominated the global warehouse robotics market with a 33-percent share in 2016, the AMR said.It attributed the gro

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wth of the global warehouse robotics market to an in▓creasing demand for automation in e-commerce.The▓ warehouse robotics totalled 2.442 billion dol▓lars in 2016, accordin

ients."One of the diffic

g to the AMR.I▓t noted that the increasing deployment of robots in warehouse packaging, pelletizing and transp▓ortation will boost the growth in the▓ food and beverage industr

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y in the Asia-Pacific and Eur▓opean regions. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease s

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rket by 2021Ch ina's MA700 turb oprop regional pla ne to enter market by 2021China?/a> ?s MA700 tu rboprop regi onal plane to enter market by▓ 202105-18-20 18 21:22 BJTBEIJ ING -- China 's MA700 p lane, a high-s peed turbopr op regional ai rcraft currently in development, is expe cted to enter the market ▓by 2021, said its developer on Fr 岳池县wap 佛冈县5G 迁西县5G 固安县wap 饶平县wap 甘肃5G 大足县wap 绥宁县5G 内江市wap 娄底市wap 东源县5G 旌德县5G 甘南县5G 平昌县5G 宿迁市5G 莱阳市wap 盂县5G 新田县wap 寿阳县wap 万山特区5G 2018最新单职业传奇私服 传奇私服外挂辅助 单职业迷失传奇私服 长期散人传奇私服 刚开传奇私服开服表 单职业传奇私服发布站 传奇私服外挂辅助大全 热血传奇私服2002直播 传传奇私服网站发 单职业传奇私服网站